Kathy Noumi, author of sexy contemporary romances.

Thanks for visiting the online home of author Kathy Noumi, aka writer of sexy romance and self-proclaimed coffee addict. Kathy is a contemporary and new adult romance author, but you can find her hoarding coffee mugs in her spare time.

But that’s not all. She enjoys lots of wine, hate bugs, and in true Jersey girl fashion she might be procrastinating at Sephora. So why not grab a large cup of java, put your feet up (pretend it’s in the sand), and check out the site?

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The Latest From Kathy

Ropes of Lies

She forfeited. Walked away.
Left me the victor without the spoils. Without her.
Five years ago, I gave her everything and came up empty-handed.
She hates me, but I don’t give a shit.
This little tease could loathe me, curse me out, go after my clients, but I’d never let her win. My only confession? The need to have her in my bed.
Ask me which rules I’d break to win this game?
All of them.

No one ever said life would be fair.
And in this business, fair doesn’t exist, it’s only a game.
He’s a ruthless rival. A brilliant bastard.
The man who would stop at nothing to beat me.
Five years ago, I refused to play by his rules.
But our worlds were colliding, and this time I wasn’t sure I’d survive his merciless game the second time around.

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Ropes of Lies